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Take the opportunity forvour community/association/organisation to collaborate with greenID and its partners in developing concepts, strategies and solutions in sustainable information design in order to strengthen the engagement .


Help broaden greenID”s reach and impact in the communities you represent.
 Co-organize community and other outreach programs

Being mentioned on the greenID website.

Inclusion in the proceedings as potential resource persons or partner for future programs.

Develop partnerships for broad-based dissemination of publications and resources

Your members will benefit from the discounted fees

send us your logo, a short description of your organisation and a statement, why you support the idea of greenID.

If you/your organisation may be interested in partnering on greenID, please don´t hesitate to contact

>> Martin Foessleitner, +43-6991-5269190, or by mail

International Institute for Information Design

The International Institute for Information Design (IIID) was founded to develop research and practice in optimizing information and information systems for knowledge transfer in everyday life, business, education and science.

The main concern of the International Institute for Information Design (IIID) is to contribute to a better understanding within the human community with respect to cultural and economic issues by means of improved visual and other forms of communication. Special attention is paid to the potential of graphic information design to overcome both social and language barriers.

IIID endeavours to develop information design as an independent interdisciplinary field of knowledge and professional practice, to document and to make generally accessible specifically relevant information, to carry out research within its possibilities and in co-operation with its members and to find new ways of educating information designers.

The aims of IIID are to be achieved by interdisciplinary and international co-operation. Thus IIID has established links to renowned universities, research laboratories and design companies (see Members Network).

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designaustria (DA) is Austria’s only professional association and service organization representing the interests of designers from all the creative disciplines – graphic design and illustration, product design, and web design.

The association was founded as early as 1927 als Bund Österreichischer Gebrauchsgraphiker (BÖG). Outstanding artists’ personalities, such as the illustrator Alfred Kubin, the typographer Rudolf von Larisch, and Joseph Binder, a pioneer of modern Austrian graphic design, numbered among its members. Today, renowned designers such as Stefan Sagmeister or Ferdinand A. Porsche continue this tradition.

In 1992 the association opened up to embrace also other fields of design, apart from graphics. This was due to an increasingly interdisciplinary professional approach and because of the fact that individual creative processes are at the basis of all design activity. Today, Design Austria has some 1,300 members from all design disciplines, most of whom work as freelance designers.

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Studio Deluxe Sustainable Style Agency

Innovation, Meaning and Aesthetics - that's how we define "good" Design. Studio Deluxe takes responsibility by designing and connects passion for design with ecological awareness and economic efficiency.
We see it as a duty to act responsible with the ressources that our design expends. There's no panacea - it needs individual solutions and concepts. Each of our projects is subject to the conscious decision for creating and spreading meaningful messages and valuable goods.

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BIORAMA – Magazine for sustainable lifestyle

BIORAMA is a magazine for sustainable lifestyle and is printed four times per year. You can grab it for free all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein in topic-related shops like organic food stores, eco-shops, bio-hotels, designer-stores, etc. Biorama is a contemporary platform for ideas, people and products, a guide to the fast growing market of organic products, fair-trade and conscious consumption.
The magazine treats all topics without bias and can be found online, in social networks as well as in the printed version at certain events and fairs (in real life). In addition to extensive core themes you can read reports, comments and shopping tips about nutrition, natural cosmetics, eco-fashion, travelling, energy or mobility. Biorama is for free but can be subscribed to.

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BDG (Association of German Communication Designers)

The BDG is the first German professional association in the field of graphic design. It was established in 1919 as the “Bund der Deutschen Gebrauchsgraphiker” (Federation of German Commercial Artists). Since 1968 it has been known as the “Bund Deutscher Grafik-Designer” (Federation of German Graphic Designers). In 2009 the association changed its name again into “Berufsverband der Deutschen Kommunikationsdesigner” (Professional Association of German Communication Designers).
The BDG represents the interests of all communication designers in the various forms of professional practice.
The key selection criterion for membership is the professional qualification.
The purpose of the association is the protection and promotion of the technical, business and professional interests of its members.

>> more on BDG

APCI - Agency for the promotion of industrial design (France)

APCI is a non-profit organisation created in 1983 whose mission is to promote design as a key element of economic, social and cultural innovation, as well as an important factor in quality of life and respect for the environment.
APCI uses its own expertise and that of its members and networks - professional organisations, design schools, research centres, design studios, innovation centres, chambers of commerce, competitiveness clusters and design centres - both in France and abroad, to accomplish specific actions and programmes.

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The Hub Vienna: Space for new Ideas

The Hub Vienna is an inspiring space for people with new ideas for a better world: Light rooms and twisted lights, large tables and small niches, WLAN, scanner, printer. Lounge, café and movie screen. In short: everything you need to work,meet, learn, connect – and just a bit more.
Opened in May 2010 in the presence of Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus, the creative loft at the heart of the city offers space, support and inspiration to amultitude of activities: Individuals and teams work on initiatives to alleviatepoverty: energy solutions from recycled products, design approaches to sustainability or fashion labels with sociocultural mission. Established NGOs host strategy meetings or creative workshops. Companies use the space for new ideas upon their social responsibility. And events of all kind link theory with practice, bring together business and society, connect young and old.
As part of the steadily growing international network, members of the Hub are globally connected, can access Hubs in currently 20 cities and collaborate with more than 3,000 members through a common online platform.

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