greenID, an exchange forum,
on sustainable information design

Vienna, June-30, July-1, 2011

"We need greenID because it about designing effects and consequences."

"We need greenID because it is about creating the conditions for positive impact."

"We need greenID because it is about designing understanding and understanding precedes action, change, evolution and r-evolution." (Angela Morelli)

greenID will focus on sustainable communications and information design solutions, covering not only concerns of ecological production, recycling and disposal, but especially effective planning in the forefront. Sustainable design starts with a strategic concept, the right choice of media, and maximum reduction of information and communications that nevertheless meets the citizen's or customer's information needs.

greenID exchange forum sets out to discuss:
• How to plan sustainable information design strategies?
• How to adjust media-use?
• How to (re)design information channels?
• How to communicate improvements?
- in the design process?
- in individual projects and business?
• How to influence users/customers behaviour, reactions and benefits?
• How to evaluate reactions and users benefits?

The exchange forum is a format of IIID,
the International Institute for Information Design.

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Thank You

- all speakers sharing their knowledge and expertise
- all participants for the lively exchange and dialogue
- Angela for an amazing workshop
- all of you from the US, South America and Europe coming to Vienna
- Corinna, Caroline, Sophie and Laura
- Wiener Linien for the tickets
- ZIT for funding the forum
- Lena and Laurenz for the charming catering
- all of you for the good time we had together
- biorama, thegap and die presse for reporting on GreenID
- and …

„Gefördert aus Mitteln der Stadt Wien durch die ZIT – Die Technologieagentur der Stadt Wien GmbH, ein Unternehmen der Wirtschaftsagentur Wien“.


Supported by
the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture.

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